Company - Profile

BHS Specialty Chemicals is an SQF Certified Food Grade manufacturer, food Ingredient distributor, Briquette producer, and as well as Toll manufacturer for your Chemical requirements. Established in 1998, we have grown through both acquisitions and strong sales efforts to become a major member of the chemical supplier industry. The acquisition of REP Chemical and key components of Great Western Chemical, and portions of Lucier Chemical, provide key manufacturing/distribution locations, with the capability to service industries in the Northwest, the West Coast and distribute throughout the United States. We currently have divisions that specialize in the Food Processing Industry, Water Fluoridation, toll manufacturing, and briquette manufacturing.

The Headquarters is located in Salt Lake City, with major facilities in Idaho, Utah and Colorado, as well as warehousing across the United States to service your chemical needs. The BHS Specialty Chemical distribution and transportation capabilities from these locations include our own trucking for dry and liquid products. We can receive products in railcar capacities and distribute in dry containers, liquid bulk tankers, compartmentalized tankers and mini-bulk, based on customer requirements. Current Sales offices are located in Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Ohio, and New Jersey. We have the right people, right products, right packaging, and appropriate delivery method to service your specific needs.

We are not a typical chemical supplier or distributor. With manufacturing facilities, product blending systems, technical lab facilities and a highly technical staff, we can provide the products and services few other companies can. Our team of experienced industry professionals, including top level Chemists, Food Scientists, Microbiologists, and Distribution Managers supported by a top industry sales staff has allowed BHS Specialty Chemicals to become a leader in sales and technical service to key industries. BHS Specialty Chemicals has developed a state of the art Chemical Research and analytical lab which also includes microbiological capabilities. This enables us to develop products, provide excellent quality control and react quickly to customer needs. We are active members of the National Association of Chemical Distributors, NW Food Processors Association, American Chemistry Council, Institute of Food technologist, and numerous industry organizations to increase industry involvement and service to our customers.

BHS Specialty Chemical Manufacturing has the capability to manufacture all levels of chemicals including Food Grade products, cleaning and sanitation products, mining industry chemicals and other unique or industry specific requirements. We can provide product packaging, storage, and distribution of selected product lines for your customers. This includes the ability to dry blend into super sacks, drums, or bags for your specific needs.

BHS Specialty Chemicals is a unique chemical company with the full spectrum of capabilities to service your product needs from manufacturing, SQF Certified Food Grade product manufacturing, analytical capabilities, distribution, and a very strong technical staff. This distinct combination will provide you the high quality products and service, with the ultimate goal of contributing to your success as our customer.