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BHS is very proud to distribute into the oil / gas and boring / drilling fields. We have a strong presence in the Williston Basin, Alberta Energy Corridor, and other regions in the U.S. We have the ability to make private label blends, slurries, water treatment, and distribution products custom tailored to fit your needs.

Listed below are some of the items we regularly keep in stock. Our product lines and stock items are changing regularly. Should you have any additional requirements, we offer custom tailoring to develop a product just right for your specific needs. Please contact us for information on how our oil/boring products can be of value to you.

Viscosity Modifiers:
Guar gum
Xanthan gum
PHPA Polymers Liquid or Dry
PAC Regular Lo-Vis Liquid
BHS-VIS Shale Control
BHS Flo Back Stimulation Surfactant
LCM Materials
Drilling Foamers / Detergents
Silica Flour
100 Mesh Sand
Retarders / Accelerators / Extenders
Acid Magic
Graffiti Remover