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BHS Marketing is located in Salt lake City, Utah. The Former home of REP Chemical/ Western Briquette, this manufacturing site has been producing Soda Ash Briquettes since 1977. As one of the premier Briquette manufacturers and industrial chemical distributors and the largest soda ash distributor in the North West, we currently blend these briquettes with coal, aluminum, and water treatment technologies. We also have the ability to product other specialty briquettes for your specific needs.

BHS Marketing is an active member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) and participates in the Responsible Distribution Processsm ℠ (RDP), promoting the best management practices in the industry and community.

Located on 6 acres with 25,000 square feet of warehouse space, Salt Lake City is home to our dry packaging plant. Here we have the ability to blend, transload, drum, bag, bulk, dense-bag, supersack, 25kg and 50lb bags in a variety of dry chemicals. This location is serviced by both the Burlington Northern and the Union Pacific Railroads.


Please contact us to inquire how we can specialty package and provide you with the right product for your briquette needs.